Our Team

David Albers, Founder & CEO

Alma Mater: UC San Diego
From: Riverside, CA

Fun Fact: Enjoys fitness & watching basketball. Ex NCAA athlete.


Ayan Bandyopadhyay, Cofounder & CTO

Alma Mater: Caltech
From: San Jose, CA

Fun Fact: Loves music & vinyl records. Ex NCAA athlete.


Michael Rupprecht, Cofounder & CFO

Alma Mater: Caltech
From: Chicago, IL

Fun Fact: Loves traveling and trains.


Kapil Sinha, Cofounder

Alma Mater: Caltech
From: Salinas, CA

Fun Fact: Loves VIM & listening to Michael talk about trains.


Alma Mater: Caltech
From: San Diego, CA

Fun Fact: Enjoys nature and the outdoors. Ex NCAA athlete.


We founded Postered with one grand vision: Create the world’s best shopping experience by collecting all of the best brands, technologies, and experiences into one beautiful app. In doing this we will create a personalized shopping experience for every one of our customers.

     When we were in college, it was very challenging to buy glasses or clothing online. We have witnessed an unfortunate evolution in the case of online shopping in the past several years; shipping speeds were constantly improving while no one company was prioritizing the experience around shopping online. The big e-retailer vision was clear, target shipping speeds as a quick way to drive online sales with little regard for lasting customer satisfaction or sustainability.


     We believe our customers want the freedom to personalize their style but the current options for shopping are holding them back.


     Our founders developed shared beliefs about the failures of online shopping due to a variety of diverse experiences: logistics management experience at Amazon, software development experience at Niantic, eBay and other great companies, and rigorous academic challenges at Caltech and UC San Diego. We have multiple friends that have bought 3 pairs of sunglasses or 3 pieces of clothing online and returned 2 of them after having the opportunity to try them on at home. These experiences were all part of the initial proof that we needed to start Postered.


     The online purchases in the apparel industry are close to a 40% return rate on average. This is only made worse by styling companies that base their business around sending multiple items to your home and planning for you to return 60% of what they sent you.


     In our eyes, this is unnecessarily wasteful of resources. We took it upon ourselves to use the technology at our disposal to do better for ourselves, our customers, and the world.


     We firmly believe that one platform with the best brands and the best technology is the solution and not merely an alternative to other shopping methods. For this reason, we are committed to constantly adding features, brands, and products that will exceed customer expectations in ways they have never imagined.