• David Albers

Finding The Perfect Frames For You!

Updated: May 19

Sometimes it can feel impossible to choose the right style of frames for your face. Many of us face a “paralysis by over-analysis” when it comes to choosing our sunglasses or glasses frames. What makes this worse is that there is so much information out there that does not actually help you make a final decision about what to buy. Because we too have faced this struggle, we decided to compile all of our research around glasses and sunglasses frames into one post. While this advice is targeted towards sunglasses the principles we are talking about directly apply to prescription frames as well. We will go over general tips for those of you that need some direction and then cover standard sunglasses shapes based on their Form: what they look like, their Vibe: what they communicate, and Functionality: how they fit into your daily lifestyle. Remember, there are tons of frames out there so you can always find something perfect for you!

Bottom Line: If you follow our guide and use our app to try the glasses on from your phone you will be able to navigate all new, old, and future styles with ease.

Postered Tips:

1. Buy glasses that are versatile and practical for your daily uses - don’t make the mistake of buying something you’re too nervous to wear out or don’t know what to wear with it.

  • While standout styles and colors are great for those who have a clearly defined stylistic vision in mind these frames can make you look raggedy if they don’t fit your style. Look at your first pair as an investment and build from there.

2. Find something that complements your facial structure.

  • The more you balance your facial features, the better you look. Try to select frames that have different shapes than your face overall. Psst... We have personalized recommendations built into our app so try it out and get data-driven suggestions.

3. Get opinions and seek out advice.

  • Shopping is a personal experience so ask those that you love or trust for advice. Share your experience using our in-app camera and ask friends what they think to get even more feedback.

4. Be wary of buying frames that are unintentionally too small or large.

  • This is a common mistake that people make when they find a frame type they like, they compromise on the overall quality because they are a good frame style. Styles are abundant, there is no reason to compromise on quality. Glasses frames should not hyperextend out past a 100-degree angle at the joints, this is an indicator that they are too small for your face. They also shouldn’t rise far above your eyebrows unless they are intended to be that big.

*If a pair you love is too small or big, let us know and we will do our best to help you find the right substitute.*

To us, form comes down to 2 things: face shape and the glasses themselves.

So let's talk faces, specifically yours...

Knowing yourself is arguably the hardest part about creating your personal style and this is especially true when picking your glasses frames. I have personally struggled with the curse of self-prescription for the longest time. This is when it seems simple to give advice about what looks good until it comes down to your own face. Our philosophy around style suggestions is simple. In most cases, you will want to make your face look as balanced as possible and this decision is directly related to your face shape. This is what makes the difference between a pair of glasses that look O.K. versus those that really look good. If you don’t already know your face shape, download our app to make this easy. Balance your facial structure and your frame selection with something you like.

The Different Face Shapes:

Heart Shape- If you have a heart-shaped face, you are in luck. Why? You can pull off just about any pair of sunglasses you want to buy. This means that you don’t really have to think about your face shape all that much, but there are still plenty of tips in this article to help you figure out what will look great on you. One key style that we advise against is the Clubmasters or styles with a top-heavy frame because they will make your forehead look wider than it is. For you, it’s all about finding what really matches the vibe you are trying to give off and the utility you hope to get out of the glasses. Skip to the next section to see what types of frame styles are out there.

Oblong Shape- If you have an oblong-shaped face, you have a good selection to choose from. While not as versatile as the heart-shaped face, you still have LOTS of options! The real difference-maker for you is lense height! Why? Since your face is longer than it is wide, you need taller lenses to complement your face. If you wear short lenses, it will make your face look even longer by contrast. For you, any style with taller lenses will look great so consider this when making your decision. A few good styles for you would be oversized or aviators.

Oval Shape- If you have an oval-shaped face you have a few different options as well. While oval faces are generally similar to oblong faces, the difference is notably rounder angles for your jawline and fuller cheeks. With a face like yours you will want to try generally “squarer” shapes such as Wayfarers, Clubmasters or other angular frames to balance the round and long nature of your face. Like the Oblong face shape, lense height will be particularly important for you because small lenses will make your face look excessively long.


Round Shape- If you have a round-shaped face this means that you have round facial features, full cheeks and generally well-balanced features. However, this means that your face could use some contrast in the form of angular glasses. Some examples of these are wayfarers, cat eyes, or Clubmasters. These will provide some structure to your rounder face and make you look great. Avoid round shapes because it will make your face appear even less structured.

Square Shape- If you have a square-shaped face this means that you have a chiseled jawline and facial features. This face shape has a wide range of versatility because there are so many round or semi-round frames out there. Your goal should be to soften some of these angles in an effort to look more balanced overall. Rounder frames, like aviators, rounds, and some round wayfarers, will give you a little bit of curve to counter the “squareness” in your face.

The Different Glasses Categories:

While this is not a comprehensive list of all sunglasses styles, this is a list of the most common styles and variations that you will see. After understanding each of these you will be able to make an informed buying decision about what looks best on you.


These frames traditionally have a soft taper downwards into a teardrop shape so they are great for long faces and faces that have a strong structure. Recommended for square faces and oblong faces. These are not particularly recommended to those with a heart-shaped face because it can accentuate the taper of your jawline and make your chin look very angular.

Cat-eye & Butterfly (Generally Feminine Frames Exclusively)

We categorize these frames together because there is some obvious overlap here. Both frames are angular in nature and can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, almost to the point of total overlap at times. When looking at these styles you want to identify how angular they are and how well that balances your facial features. Balance the features of your face as best as you can by finding rounder frames for squarer faces and vice versa.


These frames, too, come in a variety of shapes so we recommend that if you have an interest in larger frames you stick to the fundamentals of balancing your face. Choose rounder frames for a squarer face and vice versa. Examples of these can come in many styles, round, square, aviator, and many more. If you are into oversized frames you can find lots to love.


A simple but classic style. Round frames are a great way to soften hard lines and angles from a structured jawline. There are lots of variations too, including adaptations of other styles including Clubmaster rounds. With round frames, you will often get a unique and classy style that many people can’t pull off.


A great semi-structured frame. These glasses have a top-heavy brow that gives them a classic look. With a pair of Clubmasters, it is key to pay attention if your forehead is much wider than the base of your jaw. If your face significantly tapers in from the temple down to the jaw, you are likely a heart-shaped face and this is one of few styles that do not look the best on you.


Buying a pair of square frames allows you to add a more structured look to a softer jawline or rounder head. Wayfarers are a great example of this as they have sharp angles that lead to softer curves. The square frames can be some of the easiest to pull off because so many of the face shapes don’t have sharp angles. A classic style to say the least.

Vibe & Functionality:

Two of the most important questions you must ask yourself are “What are you trying to communicate through the shape of your glasses? And how do a pair that you are considering going to contribute to that look?” You want to find something that matches who you are and how you dress, you don’t want to look like a Men In Black meets hipster crossover(although that would be quite the spectacle). The size and shape of the frames you wear speak volumes about who you are and the vibe of your look so don’t take this lightly in your considerations.

Big Frames

Seen as bold, confident, and in some cases sassy. People like Kim Kardashian use oversized frames as a staple to make a statement anywhere she goes. These can be dressed up or down but they are particularly great with high-end streetwear or casual clothing.

Metal Frames

Chic and sleek. Metal glasses are fundamentals to any glasses wearers collection. You can dress these up with a suit or dress. You can also dress them down with a pair of sneakers and jeans. A great starting pair to own for any future sunglass aficionado.

Rimless Frames

Edgy or chic depending on the outfit you wear. These range from sports/active glasses to classic “Lennon” lenses. In either case, they are meant to make you look fierce and distinct from the crowd. Wear these to make a statement. If you have a great face, why hide them behind your glasses? Rimless frames are that extra special touch that will make you look phenomenal.

Round(er) Frames

Often classy and sophisticated but extremely versatile. A good pair of round frames can fit into any style, like a chameleon. If you have a good jawline use the rounds to spice up any outfit from formal to hipster.

Square(er) Frames

Always exciting yet comforting, the square frames are a great starter style. They not only look amazing but they also make most people look great in them. If you want a pair that will stand out and blend in, these are the frames for you.

Vintage or Retro Frames

Increasingly becoming popular again, various styles from different eras are taking over the glasses game. If you are looking for a throw back style that will make a statement the vintage and retro frames have plenty of options and colors that you won't find anywhere else.

Do you or a friend have a unique style? We love talking with stylish people and sharing their personal style story in our blog! Contact us or refer a friend to get your style seen.